The Yin

The Yin


About The Yin

Made of pure white marble and carved with a sleek bend, The Yin is a favourite for conjuring G-spot orgasms and deep vaginal pleasure.

This wand is dense yet pure, light yet powerful and perfect for connecting to your higher self and awakening your sensual awareness.


  • Measuring: 17cm x 3.5cm x 2cm

  • Comes with a velvet pouch for safe keeping

  • Express Postage

  • Discrete shipping

Caring for your stone dildo

First boil filtered water. Pour the water in a cup and wait a few minutes for it to begin to cool. Then gently lower the stone in the hot water as it cools down. Be sure the stone is not cold as extreme temperature changes may cause the stone to crack. Add a few drops of Lavender or Tea Tree Oil and soak for ten minutes.

All natural stone dildos are safe with any lube including all natural oils. They can be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and tea tree oil making them hypoallergenic and some of the safest dildos to use.

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