The Black Mamba

The Black Mamba

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The Black Mamba is our most devilish crystal sex toy.

New to the Pleasure Palace, this wand has a unique curve and bulbous end to engorge the G-Spot, and on the other end three-tiered ridges for anal pleasure.

It’s the perfect companion for his or hers pleasure.

Made of 100% Black Obsidian crystal from Brazil, this pleasure wand is destined to ignite your G-spot pleasure and activate pleasure centres you never knew you had!

Medium Measurements:

Length: 19cm
Bulbous end:
Neck Width: 2.5cm
Anal end width: 2.9cm
9cm (around thickest)

Large Measurements:

Length: 23.5cm
Bulbous end: 4.5cm
Neck width: 3.5cm
Anal end width: 4cm
Diameter: 12cm

Pleasure Practice:

We encourage you to give yourself a sensual massage before use. Massage the breasts and Yoni with Yoni Elixir (or your oil/lubricant of choice). For G-spot play, insert the hooked end one to two inches inside the vagina, with the hook facing up. Insert in and out slowly, building up to a vigorous pace. This will help you to squirt! For anal play, use plenty of lube and insert one bulb at a time, letting the anal sphincter wrap around the bulb. When you start to feel more and more aroused, insert another bulb. Then another. This feels amazing whilst pleasuring your Yoni, Clit or Cock simultaneously!


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