Obsidian Curve

Obsidian Curve

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  • 1 x Black Obsidian cervix stimulator pleasure wand

  • Measurements: 17cm*4cm*3cm / 8cm circumference

  • Satin-lined black velvet pouch for safe keeping

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We recommend not using our products for diagnosing or treating any health problems. Always consult your healthcare professional if you have a serious medical condition.

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The unique curved shape and bulbous end of this Pleasure Wand helps women access more sensation in the cervix - unlocking deeper, vaginal orgasms. It will also help to engorge the G-spot, allowing you to experience female ejaculation. 

Cervical De-armouring Exercise:

A useful exercise to practice with this wand is to insert the bulbous end of the pleasure wand into the vagina and gently press onto the cervix. You might feel pain, discomfort, numbness or pleasure. Pause and breathe here for 3 minutes. Do this every day for a 21 days and you will begin to feel more pleasure & sensation and less pain & numbness in the cervix. 

About Black Obsidian:

Black Obsidian is the stone of releasing negative energy, clearing, grounding and protection. It's a powerful stone for balancing and activating the Base Chakra. Great for people who have experienced any negative sexual experiences, clear out past sexual lovers or let go of emotional debris that no longer serves. 


Our line of pleasure wands are hand-crafted, phallic-shaped designs for women who want to transform their masturbation practice into a self-loving, self-pleasure practice, infused with crystal healing. 

The pleasure wand is glassy & smooth in texture and illustrious & sleek in appearance. Made from pure, raw crystal from Mother Earth each wand is completely unique and holds a special vibration, which you will receive when using the crystal externally (body massaging) or internally (self pleasuring).

The pleasure wand is a great substitute for plastic, rubber, silicon or latex dildos or vibrators, which only desensitise our most intimate places.  The wand is completely free of toxic BPAs and phthalates (unlike some plastic sex toys), which are known to play a factor in disrupting the endocrine system and may play a part in cancer and infertility.

The pleasure wand helps women connect deeper with their Yoni (Indian sanskrit for ‘Sacred Temple’), increase their sensitivity within and witness the vibration of crystal energy, rather than the physical vibrations. 

Each wand is completely free of chemicals, dyes, waxes or nasties.


These following four steps can help inspire you how to use your pleasure wand: 

1.  Wash your wand under warm/hot water (not boiling hot) to remove any bacteria. You can also add some organic soap, apple cider vinegar or an essential oil like lavender oil, which will help clean the wand. Remember to clean your wand after each use and store in a safe, sacred space where no one else has access to it. Your alter is a nice place to store it! 

2. Crystals hold and store energy, so regularly energetically cleanse your wand by placing under the full moon, or in the sunshine during the day, or rinse in salt water (the ocean is the best!). This cleanses the wand of any energy it has already accumulated and helps to reset it to a neutral vibration.

3. Set your intention into your wand before each use. Spend 30 seconds to a few minutes holding the wand to your heart (or any Chakra) and tune into an intention you would like to cultivate during your self pleasure practice. The intention can be as simple as slowing down, breathing, being present, sending more self-love into your being, connecting to your true desire, compassion, forgiveness, worthiness, abundance – whatever you are seeking – for yourself, your relationship, your partner, or someone who is in need of love, or healing support.

4. As for how to use your wand, basically use your imagination! If you need to use lubricant, I suggest having a jar of coconut oil beside the bed to make the sensation even more heightened. You can use the wand by gently and slowly inserting in and out of your vagina, as you would a regular dildo, but doing so with an affirmation or intention - i.e. breathing in love, exhale peace. You can also use the wand by holding it inside the Yoni and gently squeezing the pelvic floor muscles to increase blood flow and sensation.  Another suggestion is to allow your yoni to invite the wand inside and allow the walls of your vagina to draw the wand deeper inside; this will greatly strengthen your yoni power, which will inevitably infuse into other parts of your life. A nice touch is to warm the wand up in the shower or bath with you and insert into the Yoni; the wand will naturally warm to your body temperature or to the water you rinse it under. It's also really nice for your partner to use the wand on you - this magnifies and amplifies its natural energy and the love/passion your partner has for you!