BENDover Glass Anal Wand - Limited Edition

BENDover Glass Anal Wand - Limited Edition

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BENDover is our newest limited edition double-ended glass pleasure wand that is specifically designed for anal and prostate play, suited for men and women.

One end is tapered for easeful and gentle entry into the anus and the other end has three-tired bobbles for a) more girth and b) gradual insertion for the anal sphincters to wrap around each bobble at a time.

BENDOver is suitable for temperature play; either warm it up under warm water or cool it down in the freezer. The glass is solid body-safe glass, which is easy to clean and hygienic to use internally.

Both ends are suitable for prostate massage, which is recommended for men to do at least every four months to keep a healthy prostate function.

Some people with vulvas may also like to use this wand for internal G-Spot pelvic massage and gentle de-armouring using either end of the wand. If you intend to use the wand inside the vagina, it will stimulate the G-spot whilst also hitting the clitoris with the other bend in the wand.


  • Measuring 19cm long x 3cm x 2cm

  • Velvet sleeve included

  • Sent in discrete packaging

  • Global express postage

  • Option to add Goddess Gift Box


  • Made of 100% borosilicate glass

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Curved for G spot orgasm & prostate massage (His and Hers)

  • Non-porous and imperfection-free

  • Temperature play (can be heated or cooled)

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