Amethyst Pleasure Wand

Amethyst Pleasure Wand

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  • Amethyst Wand - product of Brazil. Available in two sizes:

  • Original: 17cm x 3.5cm x 2cm

  • Slim: 17cm x 2cm x 1cm

  • Velvet pouch for safe keeping

  • Brochure with instructions

  • Ships globally

  • Free access to Rosie’s private group: Yoni Pleasure Palace


This divine and rare crystal wand is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it holds a gentle and soothing yet powerful and magnetic energetic vibration for a stronger connection to the higher Chakras. When used during a sacred self pleasure practice, this wand will take you on a journey to other realms! There are many benefits to using this crystal:

  • Calming and meditative stone – a great companion for mindful meditation

  • Supports the pursuit of wisdom and spiritual growth

  • Healing stone for quieting the mind, relaxation and a restful sleep

  • Promotes peace, harmony and patience

  • Soothing stone for stress or anxiety

  • Helps when feeling emotions like grief, loss and pain.

  • Assists with lucid dreaming

  • Ensures optimal functioning of the pineal gland

  • Emotional stability and strength, especially in difficult situations

  • Especially great for shift workers, FIFO workers, people with jet lag or anyone who is having trouble sleeping.

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