E-BOOK - 4 Keys to Unlock Your Erotic Empowerment

E-BOOK - 4 Keys to Unlock Your Erotic Empowerment


When a woman is ‘Erotically Empowered’, she is vibrant, healthy and in flow. She feels at ease, sensual, feminine and awakened to the beauty within her and around her. She sees and feels the eroticism in everything!

This short 18 page e-book take you through 4 main keys to unlocking your erotic essence. It is these four keys that can help you become more:

  • Deeply connected to your Yoni (vagina)

  • Multi-orgasmic in the bedroom!

  • Create a Sensual Self Pleasure ritual

  • Confident and positive with your body image perception

  • Anchored in your feminine power

  • Aligned with your purpose

  • Clear of addictions and bad habits

  • Aware of your Kundalini energy (life-force energy)

These four keys help you become more erotic, in the sense that you become empowered in your sexuality and in tune with your sensuality as a woman.

Before utilising these four keys, Rosie found herself disconnected with her sexuality, polarised in her masculine energy, off-purpose, stressed out and plagued with addictions. By using these four steps, Rosie found power within herself; power that was fuelled by her own love, heart-felt desires and life-force energy and she wants you to feel the same!

Once you purchase your e-book, the document will be accessible on the webpage that you are redirected to and also an email will be sent out to you. You can then save it to your computer or phone.


We recommend that you please consult your general practitioner prior to using Yoni Pleasure Palace products.

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