How to choose your Crystal Yoni Egg

Every day I receive messages from women asking me which yoni egg they should choose. They tell me how they have had my website tab open on their browser for about 12 days and they can’t make a decision.

Time and time again, I ask them: “What do you intuitively feel?”

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Rosie Rees
8 Yoni Egg Tips for Beginners

Inserting an egg-shaped stone into your vajayjay may not be your standard everyday ritual that you’re used to doing – like brushing your teeth, washing your hair or shaving your legs. So it’s important for me, as a leading practitioner in this field to bust some myths, demystify any fears and share my own personal experiences with you.

So if you’r a beginner, here are 8 MUST READ tips on how to use your yoni egg, what to do/not do, and other tricks to get the most out of your yoni egg practice.

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3 Ways Yoni Eggs Enhance Your Pelvic Floor Health

A lot of women experience pain, disassociation, tension and numbness inside their vagina, making it uncomfortable to have sex, self pleasure or even make it to the toilet.

With sexual dysfunction on the rise and issues such as over-active pelvic floor muscles (vaginal tightness), vulvadynia, vaginismus, prolapse, polycystic ovaries and endometriosis becoming increasingly “normal” for a woman, it’s time we lift the veil on women’s pelvic health and look at it from a holistic point of view.

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The Power in Submission

It was within this bubble of trust and intimacy that I found power in submission; power to explore my physical, emotional, and sexual limits, power to say no to things I was uncomfortable with, and power to express my emotions in any way they surfaced. ‘Submission’ and ‘surrender’ quickly became interchangeable terms for me. Whether it was within a ‘Sub’ and ‘Dom’ relationship, or just the act of submitting to a feeling, I found that I could never do either of these things without surrendering to my most authentic self first.

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