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Yoni Eggs & Pleasure Wands by Rosie Rees


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We are an Australian-owned crystal sex toy boutique supplying 100% natural crystal yoni eggs and pleasure wands to women all over the globe.

Yoni Pleasure Palace was created in 2014 by entrepreneur and founder of Women’s nude yoga, Rosie Rees. After having a 'spiritual experience' using a Jade Egg in Bali, she couldn’t help but spread the message and help more women connect to their ‘Yoni’ (Indian Sanskrit for vagina).

Rosie has selected the finest stones from all corners of the world to help awaken your sensuality and enhance your pelvic floor health.


Why use crystal YONI EGGS & WANDS INSTEAD?

We are all about slow, conscious self pleasure!

We also care about your pelvic-floor health (because let’s face it, no one like peeing when they sneeze!).

Vibrators are fun and a ‘climatic-quick-fix’ but what’s even better is deep, profound, full-body, internal orgasms, which yoni eggs can help enhance.

Our jade eggs and crystal wands are a natural and a toxic-free alternative to rubber dildos or plastic kegel weights. These may sometimes be made of chemicals, PBAs and Phthalates, which are harmful for your vaginal health.



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"Enlightenment is found in the Yoni."

— Buddha 

Best Selling - The Sacred Squirter

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Pleasure Pioneer

Rosie is also a Relationship Coach and founder of Women's Nude Yoga, which she has been facilitating for over 3 years, guiding women into a beautiful state of self acceptance and an appreciation for their body through yoga & meditation [in the nude!].

Rosie lives in the seaside city of Perth, in Western Australia. Don't let her location put you off, however. We offer shipping worldwide on all our products.

Rosie often travels to share Yoni Pleasure Palace at exhibitions, as well as touring with Nude Yoga to help women love the skin they're in. Check out the hashtag #NudeYogaWithRosie to see the liberation in action!